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Publishers, Agents & Films has now launched new programs to help writers and filmmakers find publishers, agents, and film industry connection to get books publishers and films produced and distributed. The Meetup Group featuring workshops and seminars is launching in the San Francisco Bay Area and then plans to go national with coordinators in other major U.S. cities. The Facebook group is designed to provide tips and techniques for writers and filmmakers, along with a forum to share tips and leads.

Publishers, Agents & Films, which is sponsoring the group, is devoted to helping writers find publishers, agents, film producers, and distributors, or successfully self-publish their books. It helps with making connections with the media too with the help of an L.A. PR firm. The company, which has over 260 testimonials from clients on its website, has a unique way to make connections by sending out emails through the writer’s own email, using a special software to send out a personalized query to editors, agents, and producers interested in that type of project.

Now, 11 years old, the company started in 2004 as Publishers and Agents by multi-published author, Gini Graham Scott, and it got its big break when it was featured in the WALL STREET JOURNAL, CONTRA COSTA TIMES, and other publications for its unique method of helping writers make connections by email. Since it’s relaunch in 2014, half of its 30 new clients have found agents or inked publishing deal. It has even gotten clients from as far away as Australia and Indonesia.

To celebrate its relaunch, the company is offering a 10% discount to new clients through December.

For more details, please visit the website at, and you can call (925) 385-0608.

Nancy Parker
Changemakers Publishing and Writing
Publishers Agents and Films
Lafayette, California
(925) 385-0608